Today I’m sharing something few people have seen; the card designs coming in 2020! After 10 years of creating greeting cards, each year I go through extreme highs and lows. Let me explain. Normally the first months of the year are my reset months. Time to review, improve, dream and dig through thrift store shelves for props. Over the summer we style, gather wild flowers, shoot and collect photos for next year’s product. As the leaves slowly fade into autumn tones, design begins. The first weeks fly by, often with not being able to sleep at night because of excitement, ideas and creativity following through every fiber of my being. Some days multiple cards seamless fall into place. But as the design hours grow, so do the gray hairs. Today finds me chewing (my nails) on those few last designs, writing the last chapter so-to-speak, and every design just feels like so. much. work. Can anyone relate?

One thing that has been helpful is looking back, reminding myself how far we’ve come. Breaking down the tasks into weeks not only helps meet deadlines, but also makes it feel less overwhelming. If you’re grinding through a season, creatively stretched, exhausted, whatever it maybe- I am right there with you. But giving up now is NOT an option, friend. Press ON. Press INTO the ultimate Creator. CONTINUE with excellence, for this too shall pass. Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Honestly, I can almost taste the freshly printing, smooth finch fine paper in my hands. The thrill of slipping that first press proof into an envelope, or choosing which designs will feature our signature rounded corners. So there you have it friends, an honest update of the journey.

Here are 15 of the 20+ cards waiting patiently for the press. Lord willing by the first of December our 2020 catalogs will be mailing to retailers and our warehouse shelves being filled with these babies. We cannot wait to get these into your hands!

Now, let me explain where and how these photos came to be. I am so thankful for generous friends // small business owners who are willing to open up their beautiful space to me. Any cards with pink peonies was shot at The Riad at Farmhouse Frocks. Lena generously gifted me a with a few hours in her lovely, flooded with natural light, white room, high ceiling, city square oasis.

The very first card in this grid was a simple shot. I added some textures, a pink tone and finally some hand drawn artwork to a photograph- something I had tried before but never had the nerve to print. The top row, third from left shot happened thanks to my apprentice, Victoria for standing on her tippy toes to hold the flowers at just the right height. Also, can we talk about that emerald velvet couch? The morning of the July shoot at the Riad when I picked up Victoria at her house, God sent us a little kiss in the form of the most beautiful, rich, garden roses in her mom’s flower bed *see far right card in third row.

The 2020 Mother’s Day card, second from left, bottom row, was shot at Studio 200 in Sugarcreek. Ironically my mother made the galette, the red pear from Walmart, everything else was thrifted.The basket filled with snowballs directly above it, shot at the back door our own small town’s township building. Just as each photo brings a wave of memories for me, my prayer is these photos will bring both happinessness and inspiration to you as a customer or Abiart card receiver.

I am also so thankful for the wonderful photographer and friend Kendra Dawn is. As we work together she shares her thoughts and kindly helps me critique the scene. Getting a second opinion from someone who knows you and the brand well is priceless! Something I hope to do more of, is collaborate with artists such as Sara Kauffman who illustrated and hand-lettered the “give yourself time” card, far right in second row. Royalty based artwork is one way we can give back to the community and support young, artistic mothers.

Venues \\
The Riad at Farmhouse Frocks
Studio 200 owner Jessica N Designs
A white church turned township building in Wilmot, Ohio

\\ Root Design Co.
Photography \\ Kendra Dawn Photo and sister Grace Elizabeth Troyer
Artwork \\ Sarah Kauffman


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