ROMANS 12:12 Wall Art Piece by Abiart

6 graphic design tips that may be helpful whether you’re creating a black and white business card or a full-color catalog.

» WRITE THREE EMOTIONS you want to convey in your design

» LESS IS MORE keep it simple

» DETAILS MATTER be intentional

» MOOD boards rock
This can be tangible paper scraps, a Pinterest board or anything in-between– having that original inspiration to revisit the vision when staring at a large white canvas can be a lifesaver.

» IDENTIFY WHAT RENEWS your creativity…
know what refreshes your heart or makes you breathe again. For some it maybe a walk in the woods, others, the energy of a bustling coffee shop. Nothing is sweeter, after a long tedious task, to take that time of self care and celebration of a job well done.

» NEVER STOP reading, absorbing or practicing

Do you have any tips to add? Or maybe you have a question about graphic design, comment below- would love to hear from you. -Abigail 

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  1. I have been purchasing your cards form the Homewood Furniture Store in Meadville Pa. The first card I picked up and read,I could feel God’s Prescence and had to buy several. The response from the receivers of the cards were…Thankyou for the beautiful card! You always send such unique and special cards. The 45 minute drive is worth it to me to buy your cards. I now buy several at a time . For the fun of it,I looked at the back of a card and found your website. I knew there was something very God ordained about your cards! They truly minister and uplift and a way no other card company does.. Reading your story explains why. I look forward to my next pruchases..Thankyou for sharing your gift to us! Janet

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