I first felt it when I hit 2k followers. A milestone that felt like a failure– because everyone else had at least 12,000 followers, right? 

The ache of discontentment.
The striving for more.
The emptiness of digital numbers.
As I grab the air for attention, wondering what could be done differently, the creativity within me dies. It only longs to be, to happen, to spring from beautiful, tangible moments. Not to please the vast sea of social media. God seems to speak in the moments of peace and quiet, rarely can He be found in mindless scrolling and envy. I feel Him in the summer rain and the first garden harvest.
Today I chose earth.
Today I seek Selah.
Today I open my eyes to the many blessings.
Summer, I’m ready–geared with a $26 pool from Amazon. Creativity is oozing and unique opportunities have appeared in every direction. Real life opportunities. New experiences– 4 to be exact, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty. Instagram will tell me to post 3 times a day, or another ad is needed. There will be red numbers instead of green… but what it won’t see are the spontaneous photoshoots with fresh blooms, the evenings spent with my graphic design class, and the golden hour sunrays dancing over the little house on the hill. For today, for this lush season- it is enough.
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