I always feel torn these August days. A part of me mourning the last days of hot, real days of “summer.” Another welcoming slower days, early evenings and fresh cider. There are things one can complain about in summer and then there are always those bemoaning the fact that winter follows autumn, completely unable to enjoy the beauty of today. So whatever season of life this finds you- find the wonderful details that make life worth it. And if you can’t find any- make some. Focus on someone other than yourself, your problems, your mess. There will always be someone who is better than you, but always someone who is facing mountain higher than yours. Far too many of my 27 years have been spent looking ahead instead of around me. Enough. Slowly, intentionally, changing my mindset about seasons- weather related or life related has changed my life.

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This summer we didn’t have any grand vacations or trips abroad. We were able to do a few weekends away: occasionally camping, Ryan trail riding at Hatfield and McCoy with uncles and cousins, and what I had meant to write about today–our girl’s trip to German Village, Columbus.

There were four of us, my sister Lydia aka. my secretary + Ryan’s personal baker, Janella, the warehouse manager + so much more, Mary Elizabeth, my childhood friend who is just all around cool. For dinner Friday evening we hit a hole-in-the-wall Japanese Roman joint. Good choice? A hundred times, yes! The most heartwarming broth + ramon, covered with marinated bamboo, pork or chicken-your choice and fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, black garlic, asparagus and so much more. The menu offered at least a dozen of combinations. Appetizers consisted of edamame + flash fried octopus bites drizzled with spicy sauce.

After a night at our Air BnB we hit the road at 7, ready for more adventures. French cafe Pistacia Vera proved to be the perfect breakfast spot and the cobblestone streets of German Village streets did not disappoint. Lined with historical brick houses, beautiful flowers and so much inspiration. By 11 it was headed toward 90 degrees, so we dove into “The Book Loft” a 32 room bookstore. Yes. 32. Each room has a specific subject and maps are available. Do not enter without a budget, you’ll thank me later.

Book bags in hand, we headed toward the car around noon and drove the 3 miles to the North Market. From fresh cut flowers, to Jeni’s, to Nashville fried chicken–they have it all. We sampled, bought cheese, smoked olives, French baguettes, bubble tea and much more. Despite the crowds–it did not disappoint.

Only a few miles from North Market we found Fox in the Snow Cafe. Another must if you’re in the area. A pastry selection to die for in a most enjoyable space, featuring lots of plants, raw wood, concrete with pops of vintage. The most intriguing thing was their name. There was no sign. Only their logo on the exterior of the building. On either cups, logo only. Beside the credit card receipt, “Fox in the Snow” was nowhere to be found–talk about good branding.

A short weekend, less than 2 hours from home, but so good. So inspiring and certainly a weekend for the books, no pun intended. Ladies, if you need a mini vaca, grab a few friends, Columbus awaits!

with love, abigail

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