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6 months. Half a year. Somewhere around 182 days.

Our story has now included little Max, outside the womb. Becoming a mother is something no one can fully prepare you for, and that is part of the beauty. Each woman is different, so will the details be, but each experience is equally beautiful.

For us, it all began around noon one Saturday. As labor progressed at a local care center we clung to the verse “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” 1:09 the following morning, joy did burst forth, literally, along with more tears. A 5 pound 11 ounce reminder of the gift of life. The moment when everything you’ve prayed for is in arms. His thick, soft black hair, wrinkly skin and deep olive skin melted our hearts. Words fail in moments like these.

Growing up I was never the girl who asked to hold babies at church. I preferred to be outside on the swing or throwing gravel at the boys in the parking lot. After marriage I became aware of this silent, little, tiny fear tucked in a corner of my heart. Several fears actually. One was that I could never have children. Second that if I did have children- mothering would not come naturally. The first one became reality for a chapter. A window. And is a part of our journey that I will never forget, and never want to forget. The second was a lie. The third of February, two thousand nineteen deepened, expanded and melted my heart. It changed my outlook on life, our relationship, God and much more. It ignited a passion within I did not know existed. A passion for truth. For faithful men. For joyful motherhood. If you are not yet a mother, but have a similar fear. Don’t believe it. As God calls us, He molds us, equips us and prepares us. Do I know what I’m doing half the time? Are we the perfect parents? far from it. But please don’t allow those dark corners within to distract from the pure gift of God.

Back to the subject, life with little Joseph Maxwell Miller VI is beautiful. We sleep, argue, travel, and hobby less. We laugh, spend, dream, (I) weigh more. Max was rarely up more than two times a night those first months and has slept a full night since 3. He is the most patient, inquisitive child. The first 2 teeth appeared at 4 months around the time he began sitting on his own. He currently weighs somewhere between 15-16 pounds and loves to both eat baby food and nurse. If you are still reading, bless your heart. First time mom over here feeling sentimental about my growing baby, but equally excited for the next six months. Love, Abigail

  1. Thank you for sharing life with your beautiful little son. I remember feeling the same way about babies and wondering if my children would even love me?! Isn’t it amazing how God created us mothers ❤️

  2. Your comments give me tears. Beautiful. Your life will be fuller, more amazing than ever. I have had 4. You learn so much. You even love your own mother more because you can appreciate her better as you experience it. You feel highly favored, don’t you. God is good. Just love your cards which I saw in Iowa—Dutchmen’s Store in Bloomfield, I think. I’m needing to order more. Have a great day! —Anita Swartz

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