This past weekend Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary. Remembering the details of the week before, the prayed for sunshine and those first moments of marriage made April 23rd so special.

Marriage is good. So good. It whittles away at distasteful attitudes you never knew you had. It broadens your definition of unconditional love and living loved. It is creating a home, bit by bit, with your best friend. Ryan, I cannot wait for the next years. Thank you. For everything.

This spring we also remember my grandfather, Roman. His funeral was exactly a month before our wedding day. Those last days of withering away, he was so ready to go, so excited for heaven! But several time he expressed his desire to experience a grandchild’s wedding. We missed you Grandpa and Grandma, how I wished to see your faces as I watched the Coblentz family table, laughing and eating together underneath that white tent. But we also rejoiced with you–free. reunited. in your own glorious celebration.

In the midst of the mushy anniversary post, this is to my unmarried friends:: Allow God to reveal the pieces of your heart that need work. LIVE YOUR LIFE LOVED, by God. Don’t be intimidated simply because you are single. Buy that new dress that makes you feel ahhmazing, and go to the wedding alone. You got this. And most of all, TRAVEL the world. House payments and electric bills kill travel dreams.

Having an outdoor something was pretty important to me. So, we rented a big, high peak wedding tent (thanks dad) for the reception. April in Ohio can be a bit bipolar and many prayers were said in the previous weeks. The morning of, during bridal party photos–it was cold. Like legit 50 degrees with a north wind–not breeze. wind. Our bridal party was amazing, they laughed (and shivered) with us and we still had fun. Around noon the clouds rolled away, and we had full sun the rest of the day! Perfect for our 4 o’clock wedding and the lighting in the tent – impeccable. No regrets for the extra planning, work and stress of experiencing part of the wedding outdoors. A heartfelt shoutout to my sisters, Grace + Lydia for their help. So many details happened only because of them. The other girl who I owe so much, my schoolbus seat bud + personal attendant, Mary Chupp. Girl, you are amazing! And of course, my parents, for the phenomenal food + support. Our siblings, extended family, the help. And basically anyone who has impacted our lives, ever. We are so blessed.

Because of a 5 month engagement, my grandfather passing + remodeling our first home, we kept things simple. As we left the reception in the rocking red getaway car, Ryan looked at me. We both laughed and said, “that was fun!” … and it was only the beginning.


Red + Green Grapes
Ryan’s Venison Jerky
Colby + Baby Swiss Cheese Chunks
Raspberry Almond Meringues
Sweet Tea

Butterhorn with Cinna-Honey Butter
Festive Vinaigrette Salad
Japanese Chicken
Mashed Potatoes + Gravy
Garlic Green Beans

Reese’s Cheesecake
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
Espresso Cheesecake
Ice Cream Cup with Caramel + Chocolate Syrup
Coffee Bar with Caramel + Hazelnut Syrup or Cream


Just in case anyone is interested, here are all the little details. In the months before the wedding we thrifted 100 white or clear cups, small clay pots & milk glass. The clear pieces were spray painted white and a succulent was planted in each one. These were scattered over the guest tables as centerpieces and doubled as a favor for each family to take home. Among the potted plants where tapered white candle sticks displayed in branch candle holders cut (by Ryan of course) in the woods on the family farm. Where my siblings and I spent hours exploring, having picnics and camping the past 24 years. The empty gaps were filled with simple strands of silver dollar eucalyptus.

Cloth Tablecloths + Blush Cloth Napkins for Bridal Table:: Zincks Fabric
Floral Cloth Napkins for Family Tables:: Zincks Fabric, made by Grandma
Ivory Cloth Napkins for Guests:: handmade by Tina Erb
Mismatched Vintage China for Guests:: Fannie Keim
Table Numbers + Wreath Banner:: sister Lydia
Cake:: Litty’s Cakes
Succulents:: The Succulent Source & Walmart
Flower Source:: Fifty Flowers
Arranged by:: Maureen Miller & aunties Liz Miller, Leona Tenorio
–Ivory Peony Grarden Rose   –Deep Red & Pink Garden Rose   –White Ranunculus
–Dusty Miller   –Silver Dollar Eucalyptus   –Wildflowers
Tent:: Arise Tents & Events
White Arbor reception entrance:: (Mary Yoder) Porchswings & Honeysuckle
Strung lights:: Frieda Miller Mast
Potted Green Trees:: rented from Berlin Seeds
White Doors behind Bridal Table:: available for rent, collected by Abi
Bridal Table:: handcrafted by Ryan
Hair & Makeup:: Rig & Co
Videographer:: Javin Mullet
Photographers:: Jani Hershberger + Kendra Dawn

Top to Bottom
1. Coffee, Gifts & Getting ready at our house
2. First Look & Bridal Party photos in the blooming orchard at OARDC
3. The Ceremony
4. The Reception
5. Family, Flowers & Food
6. Into the Sunset


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