Summer. I’m a fan. My summer has been stretching and pretty amazing all at the same time. From my first summer as an EMT to showcasing the abiart card line at 7 wholesale shows in 4 states. July took me to the sweltering heat in Phoenix and the majestic state of Colorado. Soon autumn will be knocking at our door and we will once again be baking pumpkin pie and wearing boots, not that I’m complaining.

My talented sister Grace and I had a photoshoot series on the white porch gracing the 100+ year old “daudy house” on the family farm. White wooden walls peeling paint, cracked and weathered white concrete floor, lined with simple white pillars make for some delicious lighting and textures. Grace and I brainstormed and made a list of all the items needed for each scene. After spending a ridiculous amount of time gathering everything together we hung some white sheets and giddily piled everything on the porch. It looked something like this:


All of the photos were taken from a unique view, from the top down. Or in short, Grace hovering above the table, standing on a wood plank supported by two ladders. Naturally, the passing cars slowed down and the buggies almost lost some passengers as passersby strained to see what and who is hiding behind the white sheets. Smile and wave. Smile and wave. The entire project took about 2 days, a bit longer then expected, but oh the fun we had. One thing I will add: Sparklers are a pickle to photograph, especially in daylight. First, lighting 6 sparklers “at the same time” proved to be interesting (and painful) and capturing the coolness is difficult. So, no sparklers in these photos, altho attempts were made resulting in some funky shots and broken glass.

Photo Shoot Photo ShootPhoto ShootPhoto ShootPhoto ShootHere are 5 of the 15 scenes. Do you have certain object, flower or theme you would really like to see on an abiart greeting card? Send me an email with your suggestion and I will certainly consider it. I’m the hands and feet in setting up, and she’s the face behind the lens. We are hoping to do many more shoots together. Watching her develop her talents over the years has been so exciting and working with her a privilege. This series will be used for a 2015 calendar produced by Schlabach Printers. Watch for it! Grace, I’m looking forward to our next shenanigan…  ~a

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