Today finds us on the brink of the “next stage of life” or preparing for the third member of the Miller home. 2019 is sure to bring adjustments, challenges and new joys. My hope is you’ve enjoyed this blog series and are encouraged that big things begin small and if I can do it- so can you!

In this post you’ll get a peek into our warehouse and shipment fulfillment processes. The warehouse is located a mile or two from our house– the second story of a woodworking shop founded by Ryan’s grandfather. Both the catalog and warehouse shelves are organized by card occasion, Squares first, Talls second… then alphabetized by design name. Each individual greeting card design has a number + a plastic tote to call home. Below the tote hangs a tag with the assigned number, followed by the first letter of the paired envelope and any extras i.e. rounded corners or tea cards. Janella’s job is to gather the designs listed on the invoice, count and pair with envelopes and assemble in box. At the end of the day she either drops them off at the Post Office or schedules a pickup for the next morning. Her focus and attention to detail have been incredible, with less then five mistakes in orders last year! 

Walking through the warehouse you’ll find a corner filled with wall art, efficiently organized by Janella. A lifetime table to box cards lined with Carlisle Printing boxes and labels. Or a few drawers neatly filled with painting supplies for the display racks. Continually being open to improvement in everyday processes is key to developing excellence, this is something I’ve learned the hard way. Another aspect of her job is to organize the warehouse and order inventory such as envelopes, cardboard boxes, lace to tie the packages, leather shoe laces for the wall art and so much more. Thank you Jan for your fierce dedication and commitment to these values, cannot imagine this part of business without you!

Each January the Carlisle Printing delivery truck unloads pallets of white boxes filled with an average of 85k greeting cards. These are either put in totes or storage for the year and what we’ve dubbed “the large run” which includes 20-25 new card designs and any reprints. During the summer (most years) we had a handful of new card designs to freshen up the card racks + any seasonal cards we don’t want thousands of a.k.a. “the small run.” This allows us to print most of our products at a very competitive price, but not produce too many of cards, such as Valentines, which we only sell several hundred of each year. 

As Janella, Lydia or I count the cards, envelopes and package each other we whisper a little prayer for each package. We pray God’s blessing on both the buyer and the receiver. May His love be felt as you take the time to fill the white space with handwritten love. As each envelope is opened, the card read and experienced may hearts be warmed through an old fashioned paper hug.

  1. Thanks Sara, what a ride it has been.. thankful that God can use our humble efforts and imperfections, love you!

  2. I LOVE your cards! I discovered them in Lancaster County last year and have been sending them ever since. Knowing how much I enjoy them, my daughters purchased some cards for me for Christmas. Thank you for sharing your heart in these cards. The designs are beautiful and I love the sentiment in each one. As I have sent them to many of my friends, the responses have always indicated a huge blessing for those receiving one of your beautiful cards.

    Blessings on your new season of life with your precious little one!

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