You know that friend you can’t remember the first time you met. The one you fought with on the school bus in the morning and shared candy with on the ride home in the evening. As time passed and your lives took many different paths, you still knew you could always reconnect. Meet Mary. She grew up in another white farm house in the same valley I did. Her individuality, brilliance and confidence has greatly influenced my life and honestly, I really can’t imagine life without her “across the field,” so to speak.

Few and far between are the 24-year-old girls who gallivant around the globe such as this one. Frequenting Europe, exploring Iceland and sweating in Haiti is not for the poor at heart. And today is the day. Today this dear lady is leaving for a 4 month term of service at Galilean Home. Mary, I wish you only the very best and may God bless you. Your friends (and fans, of course) will miss you and await your return to Mud Valley.

The house she lives in with her parents and younger brother is one for the books, Kinfolk perhaps. Grace and I had the privilege of shooting some photos earlier this week and with Mary + Mama’s permission we’d like to share them with you!

the very mary room photo tour

A spontaneous shot through the screened window.

the very mary room photo tour

With some help from her dad, Mary painted and installs the shelves,

and in true Mary fashion; the collection is alphabetized and unique.

the very mary room photo tourthe very mary room photo tour

soothing quietness & perfection

the very mary room photo tourthe very mary room photo tour

Naturally, when we arrived she was doing something cool.

Wednesday it happened to be taking fresh cranberry + pecan scones out of the oven.

the very mary room photo tour

And last but certainly not least—one corner of her mother’s gorgeous, antique -huggin porch. *photo on left + @melizabethchupp instagram

are both happy places, check it out!

note: this post was written over some delectable mid-night salsa, so in case you’re interested in some palate happiness:

1 small tomato

1/2 onion

a big splash of lemon juice

2 big splashes of lime juice



Happy weekend my friends, and to Mary: may the wind be always at your back!


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